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Broker Types for Connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces with the HP Anyware Client on IGEL OS

You can choose between two broker types for connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces with the HP Anyware Client on IGEL OS.  

PCoIP Broker

PCoIP broker is a resource manager that dynamically assigns host PCs to zero clients based on the identity of the user established from the zero client. Connection brokers are also used to allocate a pool of hosts to a group of zero clients in a PCoIP deployment. If the zero clients are configured to always connect to the same host (i.e., a static one-to-one pairing), then a connection broker is not required.

Direct Hardhost

A direct hardhost is a direct connection between a zero client and a remote workstation containing a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card. You can specify a host's DNS name or IP address, or you can configure clients to use the Service Location Protocol (SLP) to discover a host. You can also configure clients to automatically reconnect to a host when a session is lost. 

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