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Menu path: Sessions > Chromium Browser > Chromium Browser Global > Content

Block pop-ups and redirects

 Pop-up windows and redirects are blocked.

Exceptions...: Add websites on which pop-up windows and redirects are not blocked.

Load images automatically

 Images from websites are loaded automatically.

Exceptions...: Add websites on which images are not loaded automatically.

Type of download directory
Possible options:

  • "Custom location": The user will be prompted for a location to download a file.

  • "userhome": Files will be downloaded to /userhome/Downloads.

Location: Defines the path files are downloaded to. Only effective when Type of download directory is set to "Custom location". 


 JavaScript is enabled.

Languages: One or more preferred languages for multilingual websites, given in the form of language abbreviations separated by commas. The languages should be given in the order of preference. Example: With "de, en, fr, it", the website will be shown in German, if available, otherwise in English and so on.

Integrated translation service of Chromium

 When a web page has a language that differs from your system language, Chromium will offer to translate the page. 


 Embedded audio and video content on a web page is played automatically when the page is loaded.

 Audio and video content is not played automatically.

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