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Gamma Correction

Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Screen > Gamma Correction

In this area, you can increase or decrease the various brightness ranges in order to adjust the display on your screen to your preferences.

  • Selected screen: Select the screen whose brightness you would like to adjust (default: First Screen).

You can then change the gamma values for red, green and blue. The scale ranges from 0.10 (dark) to 10 (light) and is set to 1.00 by default.

  • Gamma value Red: Changes the brightness curve for the red color portion.
  • Gamma value Green: Changes the brightness curve for the green color portion.
  • Gamma value Blue: Changes the brightness curve for the blue color portion.
  • Link Sliders

    ☑ All sliders are moved equally in order to change the brightness harmoniously. (default)

    ☐ Each slider can be moved individually. This way, you can also change the color ratio.

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