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How to Deploy Client Certificates and Keys

To deploy client certificates and keys via UMS, follow these steps for the client certificate and client private key files (or the PKCS#12 files containing both):

  1. In the UMS Console navigation tree, right-click Files and select New file from the context menu.
    The New file dialog opens.

  2. Under File source, use the file chooser to choose the file as the Local file.

  3. Under File target, leave the classification as Undefined.

  4. Set the Thin Client file location to /wfs/wpa-tls/

  5. Under Access rights, set check Read and Write for the Owner and none for Others.

  6. Set the Owner to Root.

  7. Click OK to upload the file.

  8. Drag the file icon onto a thin client or thin client directory in order to assign the file.

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