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Menu path: Setup > Network > VPN > OpenVPN

The OpenVPN client puts in place a virtual private network using TLS encryption and requires OpenVPN 2.x as a VPN server.

If problems with OpenVPN occur, read the /var/log/syslog file with the System Log Viewer accessory.

  • Enable Autostart During Boot

    Shows the Auto column in the list of OpenVPN sessions. Highlight the desired session and click on Set Auto to enable this connection to be established during the boot procedure.

    Autostart is disabled. (default)

  • Restart connection when disconnected:

To manage the list of OpenVPN session, proceed as follows:

->Click image-20240611-105251.png to create a new entry.

->Click image-20240611-105307.png to remove the selected entry.

->Click image-20240611-105317.png to edit the selected entry.

->Click image-20240611-105328.png to copy the selected entry.


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