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Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > RDP Global > Options

In this area, you can configure the following settings:

  • Inverted cursor color
    Possible values:

    • Black

    • White

    • Dotted

    You can also configure your own values custom:,. The colors must be given in the ARGB8888 format, e.g. 0xFF000000.

  • Reset license

    The Microsoft llicense will be removed from the device. The device must then be restarted.

    The license will not be removed. (default)

  • Reset confirmed server certificates

    All confirmed server certificated will be deleted from the client.

    The certificates will not be deleted. (default)

  • Client name: Client name for terminal service identification.
    Possible values:

    • Special client name: Specify a special client name in the next field.

    • MAC address: Use the MAC address of the computer as the client name

    • Computer name: Use the name of the computer

  • Custom client name: If you have opted for a special client name, you can enter the name here. If the field remains empty, the MAC address of the client will be used automatically.

  • Verify server certificate

    The server certificate will be verified if the connection is TLS-encrypted. (default)

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