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Print Server Configuration


  • IGEL OS version 10 or higher
  • Printer with the integrated PCL/PS controller.


Assign a fixed IP address to the IGEL device or reserve one for it via DHCP.


To use the IGEL device as a print server for locally connected printers, follow the steps below:

  1. In the IGEL Setup, go to Devices > Printer > TCP/IP.
  2. Select the port to which the printer is connected.
    • COM 1
    • COM 2
    • Additional Serial Ports
    • LPT 1
    • USBLP 1

  3. Enable Activate TCP/IP Printer on this Port.
    Enter the TCP/IP port number on which the print server service is listening. (Windows default: 9100)
    Poll Criterion and Poll Frequency must only be adjusted if required by the environment.
  4. Click Apply or Ok to save the settings.

    The printer can be installed and used by other systems like a regular network printer.
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