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Menu path: Devices > Printer > ThinPrint > Printer

In this area, the ThinPrint and ezeep Printers are shown.

The page provides an overview of pre-configured ThinPrint printers.

->Click on image-20240611-191717.png to add a printer to the list.
A mask with the following settings options will open:

Active: Indicates whether or not the printer is visible.

Printer Name: Name under which the printer can be addressed.

Printer Class Name: Name of the printer class - optional, max. 7 characters without spaces

Device: A device file or the printer name, e.g. /dev/ttyS1 (COM2).

Detect Devices...: Opens a mask for selecting the available devices.

Print Retries: Number of attempts to contact a printer in order to start a print job (default: 10).

Default: Defines the selected device as the default printer.

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