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Removing Unused Features


Reducing the amount of software running on a system reduces its attack surface. Therefore a basic security measure for IGEL OS 11 is to remove all unused features.


To disable a feature:

  1. In the IGEL Setup, go to System > Firmware Customization > Features.

  2. Deactivate all the features that you do not intend to use.

  3. If you do not use local printers on the endpoint device that you want to share with others, activate:

    • Printing (Internet Printing Protocol CUPS)

    • Printing (Line Printer LPD)

    • Printing (TCP/IP)

    • Printing (ThinPrint)

    Do not remove the Custom Partition feature if you have a custom partition that contains software or data for which you have no backup copy. After disabling the feature and a reboot the contents of the custom partition will be lost.

    Do not remove Fluendo Gstreamer Codec Plugins or Hardware Video Acceleration if you use sessions that make use of these features.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Reboot the device.

Alternative Method for Reducing the Feature Set as of IGEL OS 11.04

If you update to IGEL OS 11.04 or higher, you can alternatively use the method described under Error: "Not enough space on local drive" when Updating to IGEL OS 11.08 or Higher. The advantage of this method in comparison to disabling features via the IGEL Setup is that you won't have to disable the deactivated features once again in case you reset the endpoint device to factory defaults (see Reset to Factory Defaults).

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