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In this area, you can specify whether the browser automatically starts and whether it is automatically restarted after being closed and after what delay time.

Menu path: Sessions > Firefox Browser > Firefox Browser Global > Restart


The browser automatically restarts if it was closed.

The browser does not automatically restart if it was closed. (default)

Restart after idle time

If no action on the part of the user has occurred after the idle time has elapsed, the browser will automatically be restarted.

There will be no automatic restart after a specific idle time has elapsed. (default)

Idle time after which a restart occurs: Time interval after which the browser is automatically restarted if in the meantime no action on the part of the user has occurred. (default: 5)
The time unit can be selected under Unit.

Unit: Time interval for the idling time
Possible options:

  • Minutes (Default)

  • Seconds

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