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Menu path: Setup > Network > VPN > OpenConnect VPN > [session name] > Session

  • Gateway: IP address, hostname or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the VPN gateway

  • Connect to Juniper Networks VPN

    The protocol of Juniper Networks VPN is used.

    The protocol of Juniper Networks VPN is not used. (Default)

  • Name/Password Authentication

    User name and password are used for authentication.

    User name and password are not used for authentication. (Default)

  • User name: User name used for authentication

  • Password: Password used for authentication

  • CA Certificate: Path to the CA certificate

  • User Certificate: Path to the user certificate 

    The certificates should be stored in the directory /wfs/OpenVPN/ if possible, then they will certainly be found after a reboot.

  • Private Key: Path to the private key

  • Private Key password: Password of the private key

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