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Troubleshooting the Horizon Client

Solution Based on Experience from the Field

This article provides a solution that has not been approved by the IGEL Research and Development department. Therefore, official support cannot be provided by IGEL. Where applicable, test the solution before deploying it to a productive environment.


There are some issues with the performance of the Horizon client.


  • IGEL OS 10 or higher


You don't know how to collect the log files and send them to the IGEL Support team.


  1. In the Setup, go to System > Registry > sessions > vdmcient% > options > debug and activate Save debug information (registry parameter: sessions.vdm_client%.options.debug).  

  2. Go to System > Registry > vmware > USB > log and set Set VMware Horizon USB debug level to "debug" (registry parameter:  vmware.view.usb.log). 

  3. Go to System > Registry > vmwarevdmapp > debug and activate Save debug informations (registry parameter: vmwarevdmapp.debug).
    The log files are created in the /tmp directory and can be found using the following patterns:

  4. Change to /tmp and put the log files into a compressed tar file: tar -czf vmware-logs.tar.gz [logfiles]

  5. In the structure tree of the UMS Console, go to the device and select Device File->UMS the context menu.

  6. Under Devices file location, enter "/tmp/vmware-logs.tar.gz".

  7. Under Target URL, select the location on the UMS Server where the file is to be stored.

  8. Click Device->UMS.

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