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Verbose Boot

Unlike in Quiet boot mode, the boot messages are shown in Verbose boot mode. The boot procedure also pauses before the graphics system and the user session start.

This gives you an opportunity to open a root shell and interactively execute debugging commands (such as ifconfig etc.).

Use the root shell only if you have adequate knowledge of Linux or if you are instructed to do so by the IGEL Helpdesk and are given appropriate guidance. Incorrect use can destroy the operating system.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select Verbose boot from the boot menu.
  2. Wait until the boot messages stop at Reached target IGEL Network Online.
  3. Open a virtual console with the key combination [Ctrl ]+ [Alt ]+ [F11 ]or [Ctrl ]+ [Alt ]+ [F12].
  4. Log in by pressing [Return ]and enter the root password if necessary.
  5. Go through the desired individual commands.
  6. Now enter the following command to continue the normal boot procedure:
    systemctl default
    The graphical user session will start.
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