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Devices Supported by IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)


Which devices are supported by IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)?


To ensure that you can use all new features of IGEL OS:

→ Update your UMS to the current version.

→ For all relevant OS 11 profiles, set Based on to the appropriate firmware version.

→ For OS 12 profiles, note the following: An OS 12 profile configures ALL versions of an app, unless a specific version is set under Show Versions

The latest UMS version supports

  • all IGEL devices that have not yet reached their end of maintenance

  • devices converted with IGEL OS Creator (OSC)

Older UMS releases support

  • IGEL devices that were released before the UMS release

  • and that had not reached their end of maintenance at the time of the UMS release

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