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Resolved Issues 6.07.100

UMS, common

  • Fixed: The size limit of log files on some Windows installation did not affect the log files.
  • Fixed: Deadlock occurred when runtime information of devices was updated during copying database to Embedded DB.
  • Fixed: Some log files did get very big and were not truncated.
  • Fixed: Upload of Universal Firmware Updates via FTPS was not possible because of a certificate error.

UMS Web App

  • Fixed: The search does no longer crash handling a massive number of devices.
  • Fixed: A bug inside the License Check Service (UMS Web App) for Windows10 devices resulted in an error that stopped the index service.
  • Fixed: The renaming of Windows 10 devices caused an error inside the Web Application.
  • Fixed: Logging section inside the UMS Web App was hidden from AD Group Users and Superusers.
  • Fixed: New log messages could sometimes not be deleted if the days-value was set to zero.

Console, common

  • Fixed: In rare scenarios, the last tree selection in UMS Console could not be restored, and as a result the UMS Console could not start.


  • Fixed: Start date field is sometimes not filled when a new scheduled job is created.

Automatic License Deployment (ALD)

  • Fixed: Configuration changes for Automatic License Deployment were not synchronized within HA network.

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: The UMS Console configuration dialog didn't show correct settings for parameters configured parallel by FWCs and indirectly assigned master profiles. The settings of Shared Workplace users were also affected.

Admin Tasks

  • Changed: "Delete administrative execution data" admin task: deleted executions are now saved to multiple CSV files for large execution numbers.

AD / LDAP integration

  • Fixed: In an HA environment, LDAPS certificates are now loaded automatically to all HA servers.
  • Fixed: Change Password for Shared Workplace users with more than one domain controller didn't work.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Fixed: It is now forbidden to import end-certificates without a subject alternative name (UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway > Install new IGEL Cloud Gateway and Update Keystore)
  • Fixed: Wildcard certificate host name validation in ICG update keystore dialog (UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway)
  • Fixed: Feature 'Send ICG Configuration' (Device > [context menu] > ICG Configuration > Send ICG Configuration) always sends the internal ICG Hostname and Port.

Server, common

  • Fixed: Some global configuration settings changes were not synchronized within the HA network.
  • Fixed: Automatic License Deployment mechanism was improved in order to prevent deadlocks.
  • Fixed: Registering device in UMS from the device itself required the user to have 'Move' permission instead of the correct 'Scan' permission.

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: Files of a WebDAV subdirectory were not synchronized within a HA environment.


  • Fixed: Devices where "Boot Time" and "Last contact" are empty are now also considered in views and searches if the criterion is relative and the filter is "Date more than X days ago".


  • Changed: Improved notification messages for expiring licenses, packs, and certificates

Administrator application

  • Fixed: DB update failed in case of a specific certificate configuration
  • Fixed: After changing the password of the database user, the application had to be restarted to change the settings of the UMS superuser.

Installer (Windows)

  • Fixed: RMClient.exe and RMAdmin.exe did not have a digital signature.
  • Fixed: Changed ports (in UMS Administrator > Settings) are now reflected in the firewall exclusions.
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