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Resolved Issues 6.08.120


    UMS Web App can be made to reveal critical information, including the UMS Superuser password.
    The critical security vulnerability in UMS Web App affects the following IGEL products:
    - UMS 6.8.x with UMS Web App installed
    UMS 6.7.x with UMS Web App installed
    UMS 6.6.x with UMS Web App installed
    UMS 6.5.x with UMS Web App installed
    IGEL strongly recommends that all affected users (UMS Web App installed) update/upgrade to UMS 6.08.120.
    If you have reasons not to do that, you can do the following:
    1. Make a UMS data backup.
    2. Re-run your current installer and re-install the UMS without the UMS Web App.
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