UMS Common

  • Added: Direct assignment of OS12 profiles to OS11 devices is not allowed (and vice versa).
  • Changed: The proxy server usage for "Deployment (ALD)" has been renamed to "IGEL Cloud Services (ICS)". A proxy set under Global Configuration > Licenses > Deployment > Edit Proxy Configuration is now used for all IGEL Cloud Services.
  • Added: MS SQL Server option 'trustServerCertificate' (default is false, on upgrade set to true).
  • Changed: 'Allow SSL connection only' setting (IGEL UMS Administrator > Settings) is now checked by default.
  • Updated: Azul Zulu JRE from version 8u352 to 17.0.7.
  • Updated: Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.84 to 8.5.89.

Console, Administration Section

  • Removed: UDC2 Deployment. (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UDC2 Deployment).

Admin Tasks

  • Added: Administrative task for detaching objects from view results.

Unified Protocol

  • Added: Log messages for commands sent by a device are now displayed in the UMS Web App logging section.
  • Added: Proxies for management of OS 12 devices via ICG are now supported.

Server, Common

Changed: For each service, only the registered license with the latest expiration date is transferred to a device.

Administrator Application

  • Added: Admin CLI commands to show, set and delete UMS cluster FQDN.

Universal Customization Builder (UCB)

  • Removed: the "Universal Customization Builder" feature from the UMS.

Installer (Windows)

  • Added: During the installation process, the user can now create a desktop icon for the UMS Administrator.
  • Changed: Now it is possible to upgrade from an "UMS Standard Server (stand-alone)" installation to a "Distributed UMS".

Installer (Linux)

  • Updated: Added Distributed UMS as an additional install option into Linux Installer.

Device Service

  • Added: Export and import of OS12 profiles.
  • Added: Export and import of OS12 app metadata.

Device Connector

  • Added: Support for SSL offloading on reverse proxy with optional mTLS.

UMS Web App 


  • Added: Export of all/some/one version of an app (metadata): App versions can be exported as '*.iam'. 
             This file contains all necessary data to be imported into another UMS. 
             The artifacts needed for the device are not included and need to be retrieved by the device via the App Portal.
             (The UMS does not handle these artifacts unless the 'use UMS as Update Proxy'-mode is activated. If this update-proxy mode is enabled please use the *.ipkg data and workflow instead.)

  • Added: Import of apps (metadata) via *.iam packages as well as via *.ipkg packages.


  • Added: Export of OS12 profile: It is now possible to export an OS12 profile as well as priority profiles (*.ipm).
    All apps (-versions) configured in this profile are automatically included.

  • Added: Export of OS12 profiles: It is now possible to export all/some OS12 profiles (or priority profiles) within a folder (including all subfolders). (*.ipm)

  • Added: Import of OS12 profiles: It is now possible to import OS12 profiles as *.ipm packages.
    The user can decide to import the profile in the selected folder or recreate the original folder structure.
    Profiles can be imported as priority profiles and vice versa. If the folder structure needs to be recreated, the path will begin with the new selected object root. (profile/priority profile)

  • Added: Added a new tab to the profiles where the user can see which apps are configured within a profile (including the version of the used app).

  • Added: Added functionality to open the configuration dialog by double-clicking on a profile (or priority profile).

  • Added: Template Key functionality is now provided for Profile Configuration.


  • Added: Scan & Register: It is now possible to scan for devices within the network (or certain IP ranges) and register selected devices.
  • Added: Additional information to Installed Apps Tab: It is now possible to see the state of all registered/downloaded/activated apps as reported by the device. (State and message)
  • Added: Export OS12 device settings as profile. It is now possible to export an OS12 device "as a profile". All activated settings will be saved as a profile. (*.ipm)
  • Added: Added functionality to open the device settings by double-clicking on the device.
  • Added: A completely new search functionality was added.
    • Searches can be saved, edited, and reused.
    • Complex searches can be used utilizing a SQL-like query language. (Activatable under "Advanced search")
    • Simple searches will be translated into the query language to give the user insight into the structure. (If Advanced search is activated)
    • Please note: Time-based searches are currently not available on installation using a Derby database.

  • Added: First implementation of autocompletion for the query language.


  • Added: Logging settings to the Logging section: It is now possible to activate/deactivate the logging from within the UMS Web App. This includes the option to activate the logging via the Unified Protocol.


  • Added: Context menu for Devices.
  • Added: User can now see how many objects (devices, profiles, ...) are inside a folder, and combined with its subfolders separately (x from y).