Console, Common

  • Changed: The following characters are no longer allowed when a new administrator account is created: "/ \ [ ] : ; | = , + * ? < >


  • Fixed: In the csv export of 'Send view result as mail...' (View context menu > Send view result as mail...) entries with special characters were not correctly formatted.
  • Fixed: View export via mail (view context menu > Send view result as mail...) was missing all monitor information.
  • Removed: View criterion 'Has Web certificate with SHA256 fingerprint' from list of selectable view criteria.
  • Removed: View criterion 'Unified Protocol Device' from list of selectable view criteria.

Admin Tasks

  • Changed: Improvements in Administrative Tasks wizard dialogs.

AD / LDAP integration

  • Fixed: Shared Workplace via ICG change Password problem.


  • Fixed: It was not possible to assign IGEL OS Honeywell's firmware updates.

Unified Protocol

  • Fixed: Rolling of Unified Protocol logs (OS12). Details can be found in  <installation directory>/rmguiserver/logs/
  • Fixed: Proxy support for validation of Onboarding Service token.
  • Fixed: In case an ECS certificate was used as UMS Web or ICG certificate, OS 12 devices can't be registered.

High Availability Feature

  • Updated: HA Health check handles Distributed UMS correctly.

Device Service

  • Fixed: Session order in the device configuration dialog was different in UMS Web App and Device.

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: For a 'client only' installation on Linux, the shortcut icons are now placed in the correct folder so that they can be displayed correctly.

UMS Web App


  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary certificate check for the subject alternative name on "localhost" for inter-service communication.
  • Fixed: UMS Web App login fails when password contains paragraph character.
  • Changed: Upgraded Node to version 18 and Angular to version 15.
  • Changed: Closed an endpoint for unauthenticated users exposing the UMS Web App version.


  • Fixed: For communication with the App Portal (e.g. for downloading apps), the Proxy configuration is now taken into account.
  • Fixed: Changing the Default Version of apps will now trigger the update on the device.
  • Fixed: A bug was present that caused database issues if the categories delivered by the app portal only differed in terms of case-sensitivity.
  • Fixed: Apps will now use the image from the latest version in the database.
  • Fixed: The automatic update of the standard version was not done after the automatic app import (if configured).
  • Fixed: App version usages are now calculated correctly.
  • Fixed: Available versions showed wrong information if the version is not standard conform.
  • Changed: The Installed Apps will now show the display version instead of the technical version.


  • Fixed: Not all base system versions were shown in the "Assign Object" dialog.


  • Fixed: Devices with non-transferred changes will now be marked with an exclamation mark again.
  • Fixed: Last Boot Time was not shown for OS12 devices.


  • Changed: the root directory is now expanded by default.
  • Added: More tooltips.
  • Changed: Various translations and labels for better understanding.