Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UMS Licenses

In this area, you are given an overview of the availability and status of all licenses for UMS extensions.

License Summary

  • License Type: Name of the licensed UMS extension
  • Available Licenses: Total number of units in the license file
  • Used Licenses: License units which are currently used by the system
  • License Status: Validity of the license

Registered Licenses

Add license file

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Delete license


Show content of the license file

  • License ID: Identification number of the license
  • License registered on: Point in time when the license file was generated on the activation portal
  • Quantity: Total number of units in the license file
  • Customer: Customer name (optional)
  • Services: Licensed service, e.g. IGEL Cloud Gateway
  • Maintenance Subscription: Authorization to install updates for the licensed extension
  • Activation Key: Key used to generate the license in the activation portal
  • Test License: Shows whether a license is a test license
  • Expiration Date: End of the license period