Extending or Upgrading Licenses

To extend or upgrade an existing set of licenses, you receive a new activation key from you reseller. The token that came with the original activation key remains the same. The licensing server provides the extension or upgrade in the form of a mass license.

  1. Go to UMS Administration > Licenses > Deployment and click ICG aktualisieren in the Registered tokens table.
    The UMS detects an extension or upgrade of a set of licenses as the activation key associated with a token has changed.
    The UMS fetches the mass license from the licensing server. The UMS stores this license and adds a download link to the device settings of each device that has a license relating to the token in question.
    As soon as the thin clients receive new device settings they download the mass license from the UMS and reboot. After the reboot, the devices have all licensed features.

To force immediate license deployment:
  1. Go to Server [...] > Thin Clients and select all devices whose licenses relates to the token in question.
  2. Open the context menu on the selected thin clients and select Other Thin Client commands > Settings UMS->TC.

Last update: July 4, 2018