Menu path: Menu Bar > Misc

  • Search: Allows you to search for objects - the search is listed in the navigation tree under Search History and can be changed again there.
  • Scheduled Jobs: Allows you to manage public holiday lists and assign tasks to hosts
    Host assignment: Allows you to assign virtual hosts to selected thin clients
    • Universal Management Suite Host: Host name of the UMS
    • Last Scheduler Run: Date and time when the Scheduler last ran
    • Available Thin Clients: Restricts the available thin clients displayed
    • Assigned Thin Clients: Tree or list view of the available clients on the selected host

    Manage Public Holidays: Allows you to establish public holiday lists which you can use when creating new tasks.
    • Date lists: Allows you to set up lists for public holidays
    • Days: Allows you to specify the date of the public holidays in a public holiday list
  • Change password: Allows the password of a logged-on user to be changed
  • SQL Console: Direct access to the database with SQL commands.

    The SQL console is intended solely for administrative purposes. You can destroy the database through operations on the SQL console.

  • Firmware Statistics: A list of firmware versions registered in the database with filter function
  • Remove Unused Firmwares: Opens a dialog which lists unused firmwares and allows you to delete them individually or collectively.
  • Cache Management: Allows you to view, refresh and empty the UMS server cache
  • Settings: Configuration parameters such as console language and appearance, timeout values for online checks or Universal Firmware Update search etc.
    • Language: Language selection for the graphical user interface
    • External VNC viewer: Allows you to select an external VNC viewer
    • Always apply settings after next restart


      Do not apply

    • Always confirm moving of elements


      Do not confirm

    • Always confirm unassigned actions


      Do not confirm

    • Always confirm overwriting of elements in search history


      Do not confirm

    • Elements in search history (max): Maximum number of elements that the search history will show.
    • Clear the user and server list of the login dialog: Allows you to clear the logon history

    • Skin (appearance): Selection of possible themes/color combinations in which the GUI is displayed.
      The following are available to choose from: Smart contrast, pewter, cinder gray, ocean and the legacy appearance from UMS 4.
    • TC commands always in the background

      In the background

      Not in the background

    • Open message area automatically on new messages

      The message area in the lower part of the UMS console window will open automatically when incoming messages are received.

      Will not open automatically

    • Show content amount of directories

      Will be shown

      Will not be shown

    • Load collapsed/uncollapsed tree status at login

      The navigation tree will be restored to how it was at the last logon.

      Will not be restored

    • Show category root icon

      Show icons as symbols for the main categories in the navigation tree.

      Show folder symbols for the main categories in the navigation tree.

    • Directory tool tip shows the directory tree path

      Will be shown

      Will not be shown

    • The directory tool tip contains directory and content amount

      The number of directories and the objects in the directory will be shown in the tool tip.

      They will not be shown.

    Online Check
    • Allows you to check whether the thin clients are online:
      Every: Interval in milliseconds
      Never: No check
      Check now: Check once

    Configuration dialog: Allows you to select the number of graphic effects in the configuration dialog
    • Low: Recommended for slow devices
    • Medium: Recommended for devices with average graphics power
    • High: Recommended for devices with high graphics power

    Remote Access
    • External VNC viewer: Allows you to configure a VNC viewer by entering a path or selecting a file.
    • External terminal client: Allows you to select a terminal client by entering a path or selecting a file (currently supported: Putty).
    • Show end dialog if two or more sessions are open

      The end dialog will be shown. (Default)

    • Show warning dialog for sessions that end unexpectedly

      The warning dialog will be shown. (default)

    Universal firmware update
    • Activate automatic status refresh: The registration status of the firmware update will be refreshed in the background.

      Will be refreshed automatically

    • Automatic status refresh interval: Interval in seconds

    UMS HAE: Allows you to configure the High Availability Extension status update
    • Activate automatic process status refresh: The process status will be refreshed in the background.

      Will be refreshed automatically

    • Automatic process status refresh interval: Interval in seconds

      You will see the status in the content panel if you click on a server or load balancer under UMS Administrator > Server.


    • Show notifications on startup

       The notification will popup on each console connect.

    • Show following notifications for the current user or group

      Choose between:

      • Show all

      • Show nothing

      • Show custom

        • Thin Client Licenses

        • Universal management Licensens

        • Universal Firmware Updates

Last update: September 20, 2018