Searching With Regular Expressions in UMS

Universal Management Suite (UMS) can help you manage large thin client installations. Often you will want to search or filter for objects with certain properties, and UMS offers a wide selection. For advanced searches, however, you might need Regular Expressions, a powerful feature built into UMS.

You can use them in:

  • Quick Search
  • Misc > Search
  • Views > New View
  • Edit > Edit Configuration > System > Registry > Search parameter ...
  • UMS Administration > Global Configuration >Default Directory Rules

UMS uses Java Regular Expressions. These are different from the globbing patterns that you may know from the DOS/Windows Command Prompt or the Linux commandline. For example, instead of using * to match any number of characters, in UMS you use:


Here the . matches any character. The * acts as a quantifier, stating how often the preceding pattern may occur, in this case zero or more times.

So, if you want to find something that begins with IGEL, use:


Something begining with IGEL and ending with 12:


If you want to find something ending with IGEL:


Find out more about Java Regular Expressions in Oracle's documentation.

Last update: July 12, 2019