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UMS Common

  • New EULA: This UMS version is licensed under a new end user license agreement (EULA). Please read it carefully.
  • Added: Notifications. Now the UMS Console shows a notification pop-up (default: on each console connect) which informs about the latest firmware updates and expiration of UMS or client licences. Notifications can be deactivated (for all users) in UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> Global Configuration -> Misc, and the relevant notification types can be set in UMS Console -> Misc -> Settings -> Notifications (user specific). Notifications can also be sent via Mail. (UMS Console -> Administration Tree -> Global Configuration -> Administrative Tasks)
  • Added: It is now possible to configure the used cipher suites for the UMS SSL port. This setting is server specific and not part of the database backup. For UMS HA: Cipher suite selection has to be made on each node separately. (UMS Administrator -> Settings -> Configure Ciphers)
  • Added: New feature Certificate Management: It is now possible to replace the certificate, which is mainly used for thin client to UMS communication. Changing the default certificate triggers a mechanism which consistently tries to store the new certificate on each thin client. This can only be done for online thin clients.


    Incautious usage can lead to loss of the management connection to thin clients. The management functionality can only be restored by deleting the UMS certificate manually (local access) from each affected thin client. Certificate management can be found in UMS Console -> UMS Administration -> Global Configuration -> Certificate Management. (Only visible for the database administration user) 

  • Updated: The UMS is now bundled with a 64 bit JRE. The new JAVA version is 1.8.0_181.

Thin Clients

  • Added: Automatic Wake On LAN Proxy Detection. The UMS will try to find a thin client that is able to relay the wake up call automatically to the target thin client without configuring thin clients as Wake On Lan Proxy. A thin client can automatically relay the wake up call, if the thin client is online, has a firmware version of LX 5.09.100 or newer and can 'see' the target thin client (same network, subnet ...). This feature can be activated in UMS Console -> UMS Administration -> Global Configuration -> Wake on LAN -> Automatic Wake On LAN Proxy Detection (default: off).
  • Added: The thin client panel now contains a section File Transfer Status which gives status information about the assigned files.
  • Added: New field boot mode in thin clients system information section.


  • Added: Changes in UMS profiles can now be seen in their registry. (Same colors as in the configuration tree).

Template Keys and Groups

  • Added: Static template keys: For these template keys it is no longer necessary to configure and assign a template value since the thin client provides the values at runtime. The following three keys are available: MACADDRESS, HOSTNAME and UNITID. (Visible in each Choose Template Key dialog)

Firmware Customization

  • Added: It is now possible to assign wallpapers and boot splashes to W10 thin clients (version 4.02.100 and higher) via firmware customizations.

Configuration Dialog

  • Added: Additional setup admin user and permission layer on page Accessories -> Setup -> User Page Permission
  • Added: Each parameter has got a new reset button which resets the value to factory defaults. The button is disabled when the parameter already has its default value.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Added: Mobile Device Management Preview. Now it is possible to manage up to 5 mobile iOS devices with iOS version 10.3 or newer in the UMS.

UI / Look & Feel

  • Added: If a tree node (folder, profile, master profile, firmware customization, view, ...) gets copied, and the target folder already contains an object with this name, the new displayed name will be marked with a modifier ("COPY").