Menu path: UMS Administrator > Datasource

Default path to the UMS Administrator:

Linux: /opt/IGEL/RemoteManager/
Windows: C:\Program Files\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmadmin\RMAdmin.exe

The IGEL UMS Administrator application can only be started on the UMS Server.

You can set up a number of data sources. However, only one can be actively used by the server.

To activate this data source, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a data source from the list of sources that have been set up.
  2. Click Activate.
  3. Enter the password for the data source that you have selected.
    While the data source is being activated, the application checks whether a valid database schema can be found. If no schema is found, a new schema will be created. An out-of-date schema will be updated, and, if the schema contains unfamiliar data, these will be overwritten.
  4. Confirm each of these actions.

    Overwriting existing data means that the entire database schema will be deleted and not just the out-of-date tables used by the IGEL UMS.