Always Be Informed About Firmware Updates and Licenses

As with UMS 5.09.100, you can get notifications about newly available firmware updates, thin client licenses, or UMS licenses. By default, the notification feature is enabled and pops up when you start the console. In this article you will learn how to adapt this feature to your needs.

About Notifications

Basically, all users with read permission can see the notifications. The notifications are displayed after starting the UMS Console. When the dialog is closed, the notifications can still be viewed anytime under Help > Notifications

Enabling the Notifications Function

  1. Go to UMS Administration > Misc Settings.
  2. Activate Enable notifications.

The notification feature is active. The notifications can be viewed under Help > Notifications.

Configuring the Notifications Popup

  1. Go to Misc > Settings > Notifications.
  2. Enable Show notifications on startup to display the notification window as a popup every time the console is started.
  3. Under Show following notification for the current user or group select Show custom.
  4. Specify which content should be displayed in the notification:
    • Thin Client Licenses
    • Universal Management Licenses
    • Universal Firmware Updates
  5. Confirm the settings with OK.

Tips for the Notification Window

Last update: September 26, 2018