Menu path: Navigation Tree > Profiles > [Name of the profile] > Context Menu > Copy

You can copy a profile and paste it in any profile directory.

Copying and pasting are also possible between standard profile directories and master profile directories. If you copy a standard profile and paste it into a master profile directory, the copy of the standard profile will be defined as a master profile. If you copy a master profile and paste it into a standard profile directory, the copy will be defined as a standard profile. Information regarding master profiles can be found in the Master Profiles chapter.

To copy a profile, proceed as follows:
  1. Click on the profile that you want to copy.
  2. Open the context menu for the profile and select Copy.
  3. Click on the profile directory in which you would like to paste the copy of the profile. This can also be the directory of the original profile.
  4. Open the context menu for the directory and select Paste.
    A new profile which has the same name and settings as the original profile will be created. The new profile is not yet assigned to a thin client, irrespective of the assignments of the original profile.