This method is only available with UMS version 5.08 or lower. If you are using UMS version 5.09 or higher, consider Licensing on the Thin Client from Smartcard or Setting up Automatic UDC2 License Deployment.

The IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 2 includes a USB token with the IGEL Universal Desktop OS as well as a SIM card with the licenses you will need to run this firmware on an intended system.

Install the IGEL Universal Desktop OS 2 on the intended system (see UD2 manual: Installing Firmware and Licenses) and license the software

  • by creating a license during installation, or
  • by distributing licenses to previously installed systems using the UMS license management feature.

Important: The IGEL Universal Desktop OS 2 must be installed on the intended devices and the devices must be registered on the UMS Server.

To create a UDC2 license, proceed as follows:

  1. Insert the SIM card with the licenses into the USB token's card slot.
  2. Insert the USB token into the PC on which the UMS Console is installed.
    This only applies to the Windows version.
  3. If necessary, install the driver for the smartcard reader. You will find a driver on the USB token.
  4. Launch the UMS Console application and navigate to System>Manage Licenses.
    The new window shows license information.
  5. Click Display Licenses from the Smartcard and confirm that you wish to begin the procedure.
    The number and type of available licenses will be shown.
  6. Select the unlicensed devices for which a license is to be created.

    Create licenses from IGEL smart card

A license will be created from the license pool on the stick. After rebooting twice, the device will have the functions provided by the license.

As an alternative, you can send UMS settings to UDC2 devices in order to transfer licenses. Reboot the devices in order to activate the new licenses.

UDC licenses together

Check whether the device has used the license correctly. The product ID should have changed from X20 to 120, 520 or 720. This depends on the license type (Entry, Standard or Advanced).
In addition, the IGEL thin clients and UDC devices licensed with the IGEL UMS will now be shown in the license management dialog.

Licenses created from the license pool are saved on the token so that you can reuse them if you need to reinstall the IGEL firmware on the device.