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In this area, you will find information which may help you when using the UMS.

  • User Manual: Link to the manual on
  • User Manual (offline): Open the user manual in PDF format.
  • IGEL Knowledge Base: Link to further online documentation on
  • Save Support Information...: Saves log files from the UMS Server and UMS Console as well as profiles and associated firmware information for the selected thin clients in a ZIP file. If the IGEL Management Interface (IMI) extension is being used, its API log file will be saved too. Further information can be found under Support Wizard.
  • Save TC Files for Support: Saves log and configuration files for a thin client, for example setup.ini and group.ini, in a ZIP file.
  • Third-Party Licenses: A list of licenses for third-party software and libraries used in the UMS.
  • UMS Update Check: Checks whether a newer version of the UMS is available for downloading
  • Info: Shows details of the current version of the UMS Console and Java environment as well as the logged-in user