The optional High Availability Extension is part of the IGEL UMS. It is designed to address the needs of large thin client environments in which new settings need to be rolled out at once, or in which the fail-safe rollout of new settings is mission-critical for the organization concerned. The technical implementation is based on a network of several UMS Servers.

An upstream UMS Load Balancer takes over the load distribution and thus ensures that each thin client can receive new settings at any time – even at the start of a working day when a large number of devices log in to the UMS Server simultaneously and search for new configuration profiles or firmware updates. To ensure maximum process reliability and high availability, IGEL also recommends that the UMS Load Balancer and the database have a redundant design.


See also Configuration Options.


The High Availability Extension comes in packages of 50 licenses. All managed thin clients must be fully licensed in order to use it. Each version of the IGEL UMS contains five test licenses allowing you to evaluate the function free of charge and without having to register.

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