Removing a Wake on LAN proxy

You can remove the Wake on LAN proxy function from a thin client.

To define one or more thin clients as Wake on LAN Proxy:

  1. Logon to the UMS console.

  2. Go to UMS Administration.

  3. Select Wake on LAN.

  4. Click

    The dialog Edit Wake ON LAN Proxies opens.

  5. Select the thin client you want to use as Wake on LAN proxy.

  6. Click


  7. Click Ok.
    The selected thin client is no longer configured as a Wake on LAN proxy. As soon as the client has received its settings from the UMS, it can be set to standby and shut down as normal. In the thin client's registry, the parameter system > remotemanager > wol_proxy > enabled is set to false.
Last update: October 8, 2018