UMS, common

  • Changed: Updated Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.17.1

Console, common

  • Fixed: The retrieval of all or some ICG log files could be prevented if one ICG could not be reached while the log files were collected (Help > Save support information...)

AD / LDAP integration

  • Changed: Increased maximum password length for imported Active Directory users.

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: Windows service 'IGELRMGUIServer' will not be recreated but updated during UMS update installation to preserve service user (service log on account, e.g. required for SQL Server JDBC authentication) and heap size (Xmx).
  • Changed: For connections to message broker using SSL only, TLSv1.2 is allowed.

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: UMS installer failed to install qt5-qtbase dependency on Amazon Linux 2

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Changed: Removed unused dependency to log4j (Version 1.2.17)
  • Changed: Removed unnecessary logging of temporary file transfers

UMS Web App


  • Fixed: Fixed security issue where it was possible to access and manipulate log messages without proper authorization.
  • Changed: Log4j was updated to 2.17.1
  • Changed: Export of Device Information as CSV was hardened against DDE injection.


  • Fixed: Some settings were only initially cached and never updated.


  • Fixed: Commands "Reboot", "Shutdown" and "Suspend" resulted in misleading log messages.
  • Changed: Clearing (old) data is now possible even if logging itself is disabled.