IGEL Shared Workplace is an optionally licensed feature of the IGEL Universal Desktop firmware. It allows user-dependent configuration using profiles created in the IGEL Universal Management Suite and linked to the AD user accounts. In the process, user-specific profile settings are passed on to the thin client along with the device-dependent parameters.

You will find an overview of the parameters that can be individually configured for a user under Parameters Configurable in the User Profile.

Typical Uses for Shared Workplace

  • Workstations used for shift work or in call centers, where different staff members at a workstation need their own individual settings, e.g. session types or mouse-button settings for right/left-handed operation.
  • Roaming environments, where users frequently switch workstations, such as in hospitals and at service/ticket counters, checkouts, or reception areas. After a user has logged in, the thin client licensed for Shared Workplace automatically configures itself. It does this via the UMS server using the individual or group profile stored in the UMS database. These profiles can easily be assigned to a user with the help of the UMS Console using a convenient drag-and-drop procedure.

    In environments with an increasing number of Shared Workplace workstations, IGEL recommends using the UMS High Availability Extension. The high level of UMS server availability achieved ensures that users receive their user-specific profile at all times.

Shared Workplace