Template keys are listed in the Template Keys and Groups / Template Keys node in the navigation tree. They can be moved to their own sub-folders.

Static template keys are not visible in the navigation tree; their values are received directly from the thin client. Static template keys are marked with the ┬ž symbol. The following static template keys are available:

  • MAC: MAC address of the thin client
  • HOSTNAME: Host name of the thin client
  • UNITID: Unit ID of the thin client

To use a template key in the profile, proceed as follows:

  1. Open an existing profile or create a new profile.
  2. In the profile configuration, bring up the parameters to be updated.
  3. Now select a parameter which is to be supplied with client-specific values from a template key
  4. Click the activation symbol in front of the parameter until the desired function is active (here: Template parameter):

    Inactive parameter

    The parameter is inactive and will not be configured by the profile.

    Active parameter without key

    The parameter is active and the set value will be configured by the profile, template keys are not available for the parameter.

    Active parameter

    The parameter is active and the set value will be configured by the profile, template keys are available for the parameter.

    Template parameter

    Template keys are active for this parameter, the profile receives a value from the key later on.

    Reset to default value.
    Certain parameters cannot be configured with template keys and only offer the option inactive or active. This applies for example to passwords or parameters which depend on other configuration settings.
  5. Click on the selection symbol Selection button to choose a template key.
  6. Double-click on the desired template key or static template key. Alternatively, you can create a new key, see Create template keys and values in the profile.
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Save the template profile.
  9. You can also combine template keys:

    Templateschl├╝ssel Verkettung

    Profiles which use at least one template key in the configuration are labeled with a special symbol in the navigation tree:.