You will find the release notes for the IGEL Universal Management Suite 5.09.100 both as a text file in the same folder as the installation programs on our download server and in this Knowledge Base article: Notes for Release 5.09.100.

Technical preview of Mobile Device Management Essentials (MDM) for UMS

It is now possible to manage iOS mobile devices with the UMS. This feature is currently in a technical preview phase; the number of devices that can be managed simultaneously is limited to 5 devices. For more information, see the MDM Manual.

ICG Wizards

The following three wizards were added:

Parameter Reset Button

Each parameter now has a new reset button which resets the value to factory defaults. The button is disabled when the parameter already has its default value. See the explanation in New Profile - Configuration.

Status Information about Assigned Files

The thin client panel now contains a section File Transfer Status which provides status information regarding the progress of a file transfer or firmware transfer from the UMS to a thin client.

Certificate Management

The UMS can provide multiple certificates, so that alternative certificates can be used for thin clients which do not support the default certificate. For more information, see Certificate Management.


The UMS Console now shows a notification pop-up on each startup (default behavior) which informs about the latest firmware updates and expiration of UMS or client licenses.
Notifications can be deactivated (for all users) in UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Misc Settings, and the relevant notification types can be set in
UMS Console > Misc > Settings > Notifications (user specific). See also the Tips & Tricks article: Always Be Informed About Firmware Updates and Licenses.

Static Template Keys

Static template keys receive their value directly from the thin client. For more information, see Using Template Keys in Profiles.

Boot Mode Added to Thin Client Overview

The boot mode is shown in the thin client's system information section; see Thin Client.

Number of Thin Client Request Settings

The thread configuration for concurrent thin client request has been made more user-friendly. For more information, see Thin Client Network Settings.

Automatic Wake On LAN Proxy Detection

The UMS can now automatically look for a thin client that can be used as a Wake-On-LAN proxy. The target thin client must have firmware LX 5.09.100 and must be on the same subnet. For more information, see Wake-on-LAN.

Configuration of Cipher Suites (SSL) that Can be Used by the UMS

It is now possible to configure the cipher suites that can be used by the UMS. This setting is server-specific and excluded from database backup.

Color Highlighting of Registry Keys Set via Profile

Now keys in the Registry that have been set via a profile are highligted with a color. The same colors as for highlighting paths in the navigation tree in the UMS are used.