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UMS, common

  • Added: Shared Workspace can be deactivated.
  • Added: Support for Secure Terminal via IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG 2.01.100 or higher and IGEL OS 11.02.100 or higher are required).
  • Added: Installer and UMS Administrator perform database version check when a database is selected.
  • Changed: It is possible to log in to the UMS Server via the UMS Console if the UMS Server is in HA update mode.
  • Added: 'Manual Licenses Dialog' – Table with licensable devices shows the list of licensing pack IDs in the comment if the information is available in the UMS.
  • Updated: Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.45 to 8.5.50.
  • Updated: Java from version 8u222 to 8u242.

Universal Customization Builder (UCB)

  • Added: Universal Customization Builder (for Windows) is now available for free (No license required).
  • Removed: Obsolete Linux part of Customization Builder.


  • Added: New Job command 'Send Message' added.

Universal Firmware Update

  • Added: The UMS Server supports FTP passive mode for Universal Firmware Upload.
  • Added: Check for free disk space on the file system before downloading firmware updates.

Console, administration section

  • Added: Show UMS Licensing ID fingerprint in the UMS Console (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UMS Licensing ID).
  • Changed: Option to enable Master Profiles, Template Profiles and Recycle Bin moved to new node UMS Features (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS Features).
  • Changed: It is now possible to choose a specific port for the online check (UMS Administration > Server Network Settings > Online Check Parameters > Specify online check port (UDP)).

Administrator application

  • Added: Show UMS Licensing ID fingerprint in the UMS Administrator (Administrator application > UMS Licensing ID Backup).
  • Added: Multiselect option for cipher selection (UMS Administrator > Settings > Cipher > Configure Ciphers).
  • Added: Confirmation dialog after the database password change.


  • Added: Notifications for expiring and expired certificates (Help > Notifications).
  • Added: Notifications for expiring and expired packs (Help > Notifications).
  • Added: Option to show archived notifications (Help > Notification).
  • Added: Option to restore archived notifications.
  • Changed: Replaced the "Do not show again" checkbox for multiple notification selection with a dropdown action selector in the Notification dialog (Help > Notifications).
  • Changed: Notifications are automatically restored from the archive when the Info Type is updated to a higher level (from warning to error).


  • Added: Device file location can now be edited before sending a file to a device (Device context menu > Other commands > 'File UMS > Device')


  • Added: If 'Send view result as mail' ('View' context menu) fails, an error message is displayed in the 'Messages' area.
  • Added: It is now possible to send view results as mail even if the result is not loaded in the detail view.


  • Added: Secure Terminal confirmation dialog shows whether the terminal feature enabled status for each device.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Added: The Events table in the UMS Administration view is always visible in the management tree. ICG events will be logged in the table (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Events)

Installer (Windows)

  • Updated: Bundled Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable from version 14.15 to 14.16.