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AD / LDAP integration

  • Fixed: AD authentication was not possible in a mixed domain/subdomain environment.

Thin clients

  • Fixed: Firmware update settings of a device shown in UMS differed from the settings the device received when a Universal Firmware Update and a profile with configured firmware update settings were assigned to the device.


  • Added: The timeout for the online check of devices that is set in UMS Administration > Global Configuration >Server Network Settings > Online Check Parameters will be used for the Online criterion in Views.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Changed: Due to structural changes between ICG 1.04 and ICG 2.01 a downgrade is not possible. It is also disabled in the ICG remote installer.
  • Fixed: Changing the name of an ICG or a UMS Server does no longer result in an error message.

DB command line tools

  • Fixed: The embackup command line tool didn't find the backup file in restore mode although it existed.

Server, common

  • Fixed: Downloading global notifications (by UMS itself or via the Send notification information via mail administrative task) failed with Microsoft databases.

Installer (windows)

  • Fixed: Updating a UMS installation (4.09.x or older ) directly to versions between 5.09.100 and 6.02.100 (inclusive) did not work completely. In these cases, the installer asked for the data directory (which already existed) and even if the user entered the same path as the UMS used before, the folder was completely overwritten. Additionally, if the UMS used an embedded database before the update, a manual reactivation was sometimes required after the update.