If you have assigned a profile to a device, check the results:

  1. Select a device and click Edit >Edit Configuration.
    The current configuration for the device will be displayed.
    Blaue Pfade

    A lock symbol will be shown in front of each overwritten setting, i.e. in front of an active setting for an assigned profile. The value that you have specified in the profile will be shown. You cannot change the setting here.


  2. Move the mouse over the lock symbol Schlosssymbol.
    A tooltip will show the profile from which the parameter value was taken. This is useful if you have assigned more than one profile to the device. If a setting is active in a number of assigned profiles, the value in the most up-to-date profile will apply.

In the Assigned Objects area, you can navigate to an assigned device, profile or assigned file, or edit the configuration.

Zugeordnetes Objekt

Select an object.

Click to edit the object.

Click to navigate to this object in the tree structure.

Double-click an assigned object to jump straight to it.