Profiles allow you to globally manage configuration parameters on IGEL OS devices.

It is important to understand that there are parameters for different types of instances, normal parameters, and parameters for fixed and free instances.

Normal Parameters and Fixed Instances

Fixed instances refer to settings options which are fixed, i.e. integrated within the system. These fixed instances include language settings, monitor settings, firmware update settings, user interface settings, etc. These options cannot be added or deleted – only changed.

Parameter settings for fixed instances that are configured on the device itself can be overwritten if other values are specified in an assigned profile. If fixed instances are managed via various profiles, very specific priority rules apply.

Free Instances

These are the instances that the user can add or delete via . These include sessions, USB devices, printers, accessories, VPN connections, and everything that can be selected in device lists.

Parameter values of free instances cannot be overwritten. If several free instances (e.g. printers) are assigned to a device, they are added together. Therefore, there are no priorities for the parameter values of free instances.

You can break this rule if you enable Overwrite sessions when setting up a profile, see Creating Profiles.