Menu path: Structure tree > Jobs > [context menu] > New Scheduled Job

Name: Name of the job.

Command: Command which is executed for all assigned devices.

Execution time / Start date: Time of the first execution.


Jobs can be enabled or skipped as necessary.

Comment: Further information regarding the job.


Log results

Loggable results are collected in the database. This is not possible with the Wake-on LAN command.

Retry next boot

Parameter for the update command - devices that are switched off perform the update when they next boot.

Max. threads: Maximum number of processes executed simultaneously, these processes may thus be executed in block fashion.

Delay: The minimum waiting time before the UMS sends the command to the next device.

Timeout: The maximum waiting time before the UMS sends the command to the next device.

The Max. threads, Delay, and Timeout options make sense for all commands which take a long time to execute or cause heavy network traffic, e.g. downloading a firmware update, codec or snapshot. To prevent a large number of devices downloading data from a file server at once, it is advisable to reduce the number of simultaneous threads (e.g. to 10) and to set up a delay (e.g. 1 minute).

Job Info

Job ID: Internal job number which cannot be changed. This field is empty if a job is new.

Next execution: Date and time of the next execution.

User: Name of the UMS user executing the command.