We will create three profiles which we assign directly and indirectly to a device:

Wirkung der Profileinstellungen

  • Device Configuration: You specify the mouse settings on the device itself. In this case (green), the left-handed mouse is specified.
  • Profile A: You assign to the device a language profile in which (red) the language and the keyboard layout are set to German.
  • Profile B: You assign to a higher-level directory a profile with screen configuration. This specifies the resolution and the dual screen settings and the language is set to English (blue).

The settings that arrive at the device are:

  • Green: Left-handed mouse (device configuration)
  • Red: Language and keyboard German (Profile A)
  • Blue: Resolution and dual screen setting (Profile B)

The "English" language setting from Profile B has no effect on the device because Profile A has set the language parameter to German. Because Profile A is closer to the device, it has priority.