UMS, common

  • Added: New display of legend of UMS icons (UMS Console > Help > Legend).
  • Added: Support of MS SQL Server Always On Availability Groups.
  • Added: Allow TLS protocol version 1.1 or 1.2 selection for SMTP server communication in UMS.
  • Changed: UMS with external Derby database supports only Derby versions 10.9 up to 10.14.
  • Changed: Increased the maximum memory usage of UMS Console (1024mb -> 3072mb), UMS Server (2048mb -> 4096mb) and RMAdmin (512mb -> 1024mb).
  • Changed: Redesign of the UMS cache. The cache is now always switched on. The corresponding configuration dialogs were removed.
  • Updated: Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.43 to 8.5.45.
  • Updated: Azul Zulu JRE from version 1.8.0_212 to 1.8.0_222.

Console, common

  • Added: Configuration dialog for Views and Searches (Misc > Settings > Views and Searches).
  • Added: Digit grouping to improve the readability of large numbers (e.g. devices in a folder).
  • Added: When creating a new administrator account, the user name or group name is checked for duplicate names prior to saving (System > Administrator accounts > New).


  • Added: Option to copy device information to clipboard in ASCII format (Device > Detail View > Bottom > Copy to Clipboard (ASCII)).
  • Changed: Import Devices uses the Unit ID instead of the MAC address as the client descriptor for the long and short import formats.
  • Changed: States of Device information lists ("open" or "close") are now saved.


  • Added: Option to cache View results for more convenience.

Universal Firmware Update

  • Changed: Windows Firmware Updates are now provided with https.
  • Added: Universal Firmware Update supports FTPS and SFTP (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Universal Firmware Update).


  • Added: New View/Search criterion 'Structure Tag'.
  • Added: Option to save Searches as CSV, XML, HTML, and XSL.
  • Added: Option to cache Search results for more convenience.

Console, administration section

  • Added: Choice between rich and plain text messages to a device (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Messages to Devices).
  • Changed: Available filter criteria for registered device licenses (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > Device's Licenses).
  • Changed: It is now possible to create/import certificates in the remote ICG installer/updater. (UMS Console > UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway).

High Availability Feature

  • Added: 'Stop Service' option in process detail view (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Server/Load Balancer).

Installer (Linux)

  • Added: UMS can be installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.
  • Added: Installer will now also check for a running instance of UMS Administrator during an update installation.
  • Added: New wizard page after component selection, displaying the memory (RAM) requirements for the selected components.

Installer (Windows)

  • Added: New wizard page after component selection, displaying the memory (RAM) requirements for the selected components.