Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > IGEL Cloud Gateway

Here, you can generate and manage passwords for connecting devices via IGEL Cloud Gateway.

Create new one-time passwords

Icon Entfernen

Delete logon data

Disable logon data

Enable logon data

Icon Mailen

Send one-time passwords via mail

Icon Exportieren

Export one-time passwords (in XML, HTML or CSV format)

Icon Kopieren

Allows you to copy one-time passwords to the clipboard

If you send one-time passwords via mail, anyone who can read the mail can log on to the IGEL Cloud Gateway. It is advisable to combine sending via mail with a link to unit IDs.

Create new one-time passwords

You have the following options here:

  • Create new one-time passwords
    • Number: Desired number of passwords to be created
  • Create new one-time passwords associated with a device
    • Unit ID
      - Add: Adds to the list a unit ID entered in the text field
      - Select: Selects from the devices in the UMS structure tree.
      - Import: Reads in a CSV file with unit IDs
  • Create new multiple-time passwords
    • Generate random multiple-time password:

      A random multiple-time password will be generated (default)

      You can enter the desired password yourself.

    For details of how to set up all components for a connection to ICG, read Installation and Setup in the IGEL Cloud Gateway manual.