To integrate Oracle, proceed as follows:

1. Set up a new database user with Resource role in the Oracle Database Administration.

A number of Oracle versions set up the Resource role without Create View authorization. Please ensure that this authorization is set for the role.


For the proper operation of the UMS with Oracle databases, particularly for the upgrade process, the number of open_cursors for the database must be adjusted. open_cursors is a system setting.

  1. To get the actual value, log in to the database as SYSDBA and execute:
    SQL> select name, value from v$parameter where name = 'open_cursors';
  2. The recommended value for open_cursors is "3000". To set the value, issue the following command as SYSDBA:
    SQL> alter system set open_cursors = 3000 scope=both;
  3. The same command should be added to the SPFILE of the Oracle system in order for the changes to persist on the next reboot.

2. In the UMS Administrator, set up a new Oracle type data source.