The UMS supports only those standard sortings of Microsoft SQL Server which are case insensitive ("CI"). Therefore, make sure that the parameter Collation in MS SQL Server is set appropriately.

Execute the following SQL script on the Microsoft SQL Server in order to create database, login, user and schema. Replace the placeholders such as [databasename] with settings of your choice. [sql-user] has to be an SQL account, not a Windows domain account. The script uses the same string for login, user and schema in order to simplify UMS setup.

The user name for the external database may only be created with the following properties:

  • it consists only of lower case letters or upper case letters.
  • the low-cut character ("_") is the only special character, which is allowed.

Do not mix upper and lower case letters. Don't use points, spaces, minus, or @ sign!

CREATE DATABASE [databasename]
USE [databasename]
CREATE LOGIN [sql-user] with PASSWORD = '[password]',
CREATE USER [sql-user] with DEFAULT_SCHEMA = [sql-user]
CREATE SCHEMA [sql-user] AUTHORIZATION [sql-user] GRANT CONTROL to [sql-user]

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio