Use Case

You have a UMS High Availability (HA) installation and need to update it. 

General Overview

To update the UMS High Availability (HA) network, proceed as follows:

  1. First, update all UMS Servers to a new version, one server after another.
  2. Afterwards, update other components like separate UMS Load Balancers and/or UMS Consoles.

While being updated, a UMS Server disconnects itself from the productive database and stores a copy of it locally in an embedded Derby database. The last updated UMS Server will also update the schema of the productive database. After this, all other UMS Servers connect themselves again to the original productive database. In this way, all UMS Servers can be addressed by the endpoint devices at any time during the update process, e.g. to supply user-specific profiles (IGEL Shared Workplace).

To update the HA installation, follow these instructions: