You are using IGEL UMS Java Web Start Console with Java SE Runtime Environment 7 or 8 (Java 7 or 8) and you have defined an external VNC viewer program in IGEL UMS Java Web Start Console.

When shadowing a thin client the error message appears: Cannot run program "": CreateProcess error=2, system cannot find the file.


The VNC viewer program's path definition is not correct. Java 6 did accept the path without quotes but Java 7 or 8 will not find the program without quotation. So this problem will most likely occur after upgrading the Java Environment.


Check the VNC viewer program's path in your UMS Console:

  1. Go to Misc > Settings
  2. Select your External VNC viewer program
  3. Make sure the path is enclosed in double quotes ( "C:\program files\path\program.exe" )
  4. Save your settings with OK