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UMS (common)

  • Fixed: Resetting a device to factory defaults could lead to various errors. (UMS > Device > [Device's context menu] > Other commands > Reset to Factory Defaults)
  • Fixed: Missing configuration state change flag for template value and value group assignments.
  • Fixed: Text color of warning hints when some/none of the selected devices have Secure Terminal enabled.
  • Removed: Unused icons.
  • Changed: Tomcat access log files are now also collected as a part of the support information. (UMS > Help > Save support information)
  • Changed: The bundled Oracle JRE was replaced with Azul Zulu JRE 8 Update 212.
  • Updated: Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.37 to 8.5.40.
  • Updated: UMS-bundled Java version from Java 8 Update 202 to Update 212.

Console (common)

  • Fixed: Already existing archive of a profiles export could not be overridden.
  • Fixed: UMS console login dialog was not properly focused.
  • Fixed: Notifications cannot be deactivated for users of an imported AD group.
  • Fixed: Some texts could not be read because the text and the background had the same color.
  • Added: Functionality to assign objects (profiles, FWCs, etc.) to more than one device at once.
  • Fixed: Error message when exporting result in SQL console. (Misc > SQL Console > Save Result)
  • Changed: In the UMS Scan for devices dialog, when the Rescan action is executed, the current filter is maintained and applied again to the new scan results. (UMS > Scan for devices > Scan > Rescan)
  • Fixed: Double click on Indirect assigned objects redirects you to the Object and on right-click a pop-up window opens.
  • Fixed: Selecting 'Don't show again' on a notification in the Notification dialog had no effect. (Help > Notifications)
  • Fixed: Wrong color in Move to recycle bin confirmation dialog.
  • Fixed: Issue when devices were erroneously shown as unlicensed.
  • Fixed: Issue when the Close button was sometimes invisible in the Update Check dialog. (Help > UMS Update Check)
  • Changed: Notification pop-up on start-up is hidden if there are no notifications.


  • Changed: Save device files for support dialog was redesigned and completed with the possibility to save files of multiple devices and devices of views. (Help > Save device files for support)
  • Changed: Wake up commands are not sent to devices when they are registered in the UMS through an ICG.


  • Fixed: Re-added a missing file picker for the field File name on page System > Update > Snapshots > Download. File picker is now properly enabled after resetting the file name parameter with enabled template keys checkbox.
  • Fixed: Changes of the screen rotation, i.e. rotating a screen with the left/right arrow buttons on the User Interface > Display page, could not be saved in profiles.
  • Fixed: Re-added a missing FTP password field in W7 profile configuration dialog. (System > Snapshots > Upload/Download)
  • Changed: Simplified dialog to create a new profile.

Template Keys and Groups

  • Fixed: Variable expressions in template keys are now supported for devices registered into directories.

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: The FWC import did not upload the provided files.
  • Changed: The Firmware Customization import file is validated and the import process is aborted if the imported parameters are not supported by the current UMS version.


  • Fixed: CSV-exports did not include the column headers of custom device attributes. (Admin task: Export view as...)
  • Fixed: Special characters from Eastern Europe are shown incorrectly within view exports. (View context menu > Save as...)
  • Fixed: Reduced processing time of assignment/detachment of profiles to/from the devices of a view.
  • Added: A new View criterion for device licenses.


  • Changed: By deleting a server in UMS Administration > UMS Network > Server, the assigned devices are assigned to another available server and the Job execution data is deleted.

Automatic License Deployment (ALD)

  • Fixed: An empty error message is shown if the configuration of UDC2 Deployment is changed and the configuration page is left without saving the changes.
  • Fixed: A Product Pack is occasionally shown twice in the Registered packs section. (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > Deployment)
  • Changed: The default automatic distribution method of new packs (except for Workspace Edition packs) altered from 'Enabled' to 'Enabled (with conditions)'.

Universal Firmware Update

  • Fixed: A device directory cannot be assigned to a Universal Firmware Update if the directory has already such an assignment.
  • Changed: The progress bar shows the download process of Universal Firmware Update with a better accuracy.

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: Configuration dialog combobox Multimonitor full-screen mode was missing in UMS 6 for clients with firmware 10.4.100. (Sessions > Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp > HDX/ICA Global > Window)

Console (administration section)

  • Changed: A test mail configured under UMS Administration > Mail Settings > Send Test Mail can now be sent to different recipients.
  • Fixed: The Certificate Management Node was only visible to the DB administrator. (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Certificate Management)
  • Fixed: Issue when multiple ICGs were shown in the wrong order. (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Igel Cloud Gateway)
  • Updated: DSA export graphic. (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > Device's Licenses > Export Unit ID list)
  • Fixed: In the device's Rich Message Editor, the Reject changes message does not appear anymore if you switch the template and the previous template had no changes. (UMS > Device > [Device's context menu] > Other commands > Send Message)
  • Fixed: UMS Licenses with more than one corresponding notification could not be deleted. (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UMS Licenses)
  • Added: Wait dialog during ICG certificate creation to indicate progress. (Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options)
  • Added: Server and broker icons now show status.
  • Changed: Renamed 'Remove' buttons in the ICG configuration dialog to avoid misunderstanding. (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Igel Cloud Gateway)
  • Added: Dialog to Naming Convention feature to guide the user. (Global Configuration > Device Network Settings > Naming Convention)
  • Fixed display of correct operating system name for Windows Server 2016/2019 in administration section.

Console (web start)

  • Fixed: Webstart sometimes showed outdated splash screen.
  • Added: Expressive error and log messages when uploading files to UMS server fail due to invalid server hostname.


  • Fixed: WebDAV credentials were not recognized under certain circumstances.

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Fixed: UMS lost ICG connection if a lot of devices were ICG administrated (device count> 500).
  • Changed: When a device is registered on ICG, ICG credentials are cached before the device is removed from the Recycle Bin and then stored again. It only applies for devices that are in the Recycle Bin at the moment of ICG registration.
  • Added: New safeguard to the ICG certificate dialog to prevent inexperienced users from making mistakes. (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options)
  • Added: Option for the certificate creation dialog whether a new certificate should be CA or End Entity.
  • Added: Check to prevent users from signing a certificate with a non-CA certificate.
  • Added: X.509 extensions to show certificate dialog.

Server (common)

  • Updated: Microsoft SQL Driver to support TLS 1.2 in Microsoft SQL database connection.
  • Fixed: Issue with an incorrect identification of the operating system of Windows Server 2016/2019. (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Server > [UMS Server] > Attribute  'Operating System')
  • Fixed: A valid Workspace Edition license / Enterprise Management license was not recognized because of not properly formatted timestamps.
  • Fixed: Bug in the device authentication.
  • Changed: All tables of the database schema are optimized. (Optimize Database)
  • Updated: EULA text.

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: HA installation unnecessarily opened a debug port. (ISN 2019-05)
  • Fixed: Communication issues within a HA network.
  • Fixed: Update installation wizard contained misleading user prompt.
  • Fixed: Commands for servers, load balancers and ICGs could create an unreadable balloon tip.
  • Changed: Now support files also contain watchdog log files in Save support information function. (UMS > Help > Save Support Information)

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: Uninstaller on Linux can be executed from now on only with root privileges and shows the correct UMS version.
  • Fixed: Splash screen was shown as "win0" on panel in GNOME desktop on RHEL7 and Oracle Linux 7.
  • Added check for running UMS Console in Linux installer.
  • Fixed: UMS binaries (e.g. RemoteManager.bin) do not start on RHEL 7.x or Oracle Linux 7 due to ABI compatibility issue.

UI / Look&Feel

  • Fixed: Rich Message Templates could spill their colors into the UMS.