Configuring the Notifications Pop-up

To configure the notifications pop-up:

  1. Go to Misc > Settings > Notifications.
  2. Enable Show notifications on startup to display the notification window as a pop-up every time the console is started.
  3. Under Show following notification for the current user or group select Show custom.
  4. Specify which content should be displayed in the notification.
    Possible options:
    • Device Licenses: Informs about the expiration of client licences.
    • Universal Management Licenses: Informs about the expiration of UMS licences.
    • Universal Firmware Updates: Informs about the latest firmware updates
    • Disk Usage: Informs about a critical value of free disc space. For more details, see Disk Usage.
    • Global Notifications: Informs about important news like maintenance times and bugfixes. For more details, see Global Notifications.
    • Admin Tasks: Automatically informs in a set of cases if no administrative task has been defined. For more details, see Admin Tasks.
  5. Confirm the settings with Ok.
Last update: June 17, 2019