You want to use Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulation with devices running IGEL Universal Desktop Linux v5 (firmware version

To use your Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulation you need a free license key from IGEL. To get to the activation form please register with our support and ticket system.

After successful registration you have access to free technical support, and to the IGEL Service- and Repair-Center as well as to the license activation form.


You have to send the MAC addresses of all devices to be activated to IGEL but there is no easy way to identify all devices in UMS that may need the activation license.


  1. Start the IGEL Universal Management Suite that manages all your IGEL UD devices.
  2. Create a new View (e. g. named PowerTerm Activation) with selection rule: Product ID matches the following regular expression:
    .*LX \d\d[^p]*

    This feature uses Java Regular Expressions. Find out more about these from Oracle's documentation.

  3. Go to System > License Management.
  4. Click Export MAC list
  5. Select option Export all MAC addresses from a view.

    Export MAC list

  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the view created before.
  8. Click Next
    All devices with UD Linux v5 firmware and without PowerTerm license will be listed.
  9. Click Export.
  10. Select target folder.
  11. Define file name.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Send the exported CSV file to IGEL as requested in the activation form.
  14. Import the license file you will receive upon your request later.