If you have launched a VNC session, the shadowed desktop will be shown in the IGEL VNC Viewer window. This window has its own menu with the following items:



Shows an overview of all VNC sessions currently connected. Double-click of the displayed desktops for a full-screen view of it.


Terminates all VNC sessions and closes the window.



Opens the connection dialog so that you can launch another VNC session.


With this option, you can adjust the size of the window in which the desktop currently selected is displayed.

Send Ctrl-Alt-Del

Sends the key combination [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] to the remote host currently displayed.


Refreshes the window content.


Saves a screenshot of the window contents on the local hard drive.


Opens a dialog window in which you can specify further options such as coding, color depth, update interval etc.


Closes the currently selected tab.

Help / Info

Shows the software version of the IGEL VNC Viewer.

You can specify the following parameters as options:

Preferred Coding

The coding used when sending image data from the device to your PC. The coding option Tight is particularly useful in a network with a low bandwidth. It contains two additional parameters:

  • Compression level: The higher the compression, the longer the computing operation takes!
  • JPEG quality: If you select Off, no JPEG data will be sent.

Use Draw Rectangle Method

This option improves performance. However, artifacts may be encountered.

Color Depth

8 or 24 bits per pixel

Update Period

Time period between two updates. A longer time period reduces network traffic, but the update may not be seamless. Please note: An update query will be sent as soon as you move the mouse or enter a key in the VNC Viewer. This event will be passed on to the remote host.

Save Properties as Standard Values

Saves the current settings as standard values for future VNC sessions.